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Mountain Spring Market

Check out the News and More tab (click on the News and Blog link) for the most up to date information about the market.  More information about the 2020 Fuji apple harvest can be found there.  Fuji season will begin on Wednesday, October 21st.
Welcome to the website for Mountain Spring Market!  We are fruit and vegetable growers located in Smithsburg, Maryland.  We grow a wide range of fruit and vegetables and market them through a variety of channels, including at our farm stand.  In a normal year (free of Covid-19) the market is open for sales from July through October.  In 2020 we will only be open for a 3 week window to sell 'Fuji' apples directly to the public starting on Wednesday, October 21st and concluding on Saturday, November 8th.  MASKS ARE REQUIRED.


Our mission is simple: to provide you with delicious, top-quality, fruits and vegetables.  Everything else we do here is based around that idea.  It starts with the varieties we plant,  everything from Fuji and Honeycrisp apples to cucumbers and seedless grapes, we select and plant the best tasting fruit and vegetables we can find!

The process continues with our growing practices.  We prune, thin, weed, and irrigate our crops to get the best fruit size and quality possible.

And finally we move on to the most important step: harvesting at the correct time.  If crops are picked too soon, the flavor hasn't developed.  We wait until our fruits and veggies are ripe and ready.   So don't be surprised if we ask you to be patient and remember that we are doing it so we can provide you with the best product in the long run. 



Fuji Season 

October 21st - November 8th

Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays 

9am - 5pm


9am - 2pm